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About Chef Faith

Chef Faith has over 20 years of experience in the kitchen where she worked for years in fine dining in Washington D.C.   The need for a more balanced life style and a budding interest in holistic wellbeing led Chef Faith to depart the large restaurant scene to spend more time with her children, enjoy nature more, and continue her studies in Ayurveda, yoga, and nutrition.  She founded FaithCooks in order to create a more mindful, sustainable way of life in her communities by intertwining  seasonal, veggie-centric fare supported by Ayurvedic philosophy and her expertise in culinary arts.  Faith works and serves up and down the east coast including Miami, Philadelphia, and New York City.  She is often hired for private chef gigs and will soon be taking her food truck on an epic road trip across the U.S.! 

Environmental impact is very important to Chef Faith, which is why she only uses glass jars and containers to pack and deliver her food to clients.    Chef Faith also incorporates her 1,000+ hours of Yoga Teacher Training to guide and influence her culinary creations -- being very mindful about the sourcing of ingredients, the impact on the environment, the cooking process, and the delivery to her clients.


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